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Our Class of 2018 Treasury

Treasury funds are used to finance ongoing class outreach including mini-reunions. Most importantly, it subsidizes on-campus reunion activities and provides scholarships to offset the cost for classmates who need assistance.

Membership Basics

All contributions to The Class of 2018 qualify as tax-deductible charitable donations. 

  • Wellesley Class of 2018 Lifetime Membership– is a one-time contribution of $218 invested for long-term growth in Wellesley's endowment for our class. These memberships generate a return in perpetuity for our Class - adding to what's available in the Class Treasury from year to year and helping us support our gatherings for many, MANY more years to come.
    • WE ARE HOSTING A SALE: Buy a CLM at a discounted rate of $150 before it goes up to $218!
    • In addition to our CLM sale, we are excited to announce the launch of another CLM promotion called the Generation to Generation Challenge. If our class donates 25 CLMs by the end of 2020, the WCAA will generously provide us with an additional matching fund of $1500
  • Annual Dues – pay $20.18 once a year to help directly fund class activities. These annual payments are for mini-reunions and provide us with working capital to plan our next reunion! 

Wellesley Class of 2018 Lifetime Membership Goal

Reach a total of 100 Lifetime Members by Reunion in June 2023. 

How to Pay Dues

To become a new Class Life Member or make an Annual Dues payment, you may select from the online payment links below. To pay via check, please contact Ye Rin Chu at for the mailing address.

Questions?  Email Ye Rin Chu at