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Participate in the 125th Anniversary Magazine to celebrate Wellesley in Southern California!

To celebrate 125 years of Wellesley in Southern California, we decided to create a special magazine that will not only showcase some of our research on the club's history highlighting “the lost years” but also will capture the clubs as they are now. 

The “lost years”, 1896 to 1920, refers to our research and discovery that the Wellesley Club of Southern California was founded in 1896--25 years earlier than the college archives documented as the club’s start in 1920.  We will include what we learned about the earliest Wellesley alums in Southern California and the historical places where they met.

With regard to including the current zeitgeist of our incredible SoCal alums, we invite you to tell us what being a Wellesley alum means to you. This can be a chance to tell us more about your Wellesley experience in Southern California, but also a chance to share who you are as a Wellesley alum -- what books are you reading, what music do you like, which restaurants do you enjoy? 

Some examples of submissions include: 

  • a record book page 

  • a picture from a day in your life or an object that is meaningful to you

  • a recipe and why that dish is important to you/your family 

  • a letter to a future club member or a future you

We request that an individual submits no more than one entry for the magazine. Submissions can be made through this Google Form. By submitting an entry, you grant us the permission to print the information in the magazine, which will be shared with the larger Wellesley community. 

The deadline for your submission is August 1, 2021.

We look forward to sharing a digital copy of the magazine with you in December. Details about procuring a hard-copy version of the magazine will come at a later date.

If you have any other questions or ideas of what you'd like to include in the record book, feel free to email us at