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A conversation between writer Rayla Heide,

actor Zehra Fazal, and moderator Ashley Riegle

Rayla Heide '10 is a Narrative Writer at Riot Games, where she creates champions for League of Legends. She recently worked on Yuumi, a magical cat with a sentient book, and the Kayle and Morgana update -- two half human, half Celestial twin sisters who don't get along, and the Nami comic about a mermaid who dives into the abyss to rescue her people. She's now working on the Volibear update, along with Little Legends, magical creatures from Teamfight Tactics, a new game mode. As a narrative writer, she does everything from writing voiceover lines, short stories, backstories, comics, scripts for animations, as well as crafting worldbuilding guides. You can follow her many cat pictures on twitter @Jellbug.

Zehra Fazal '05 has played multiple characters on series for Disney Television Animation, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network and Bento Box. Notable animation credits include She-Ra, Young Justice, VoltronBig Hero 6: The SeriesCraig of the Creek and Adam Ruins Everything. Zehra has also played characters in several interactive titles and AAA video game franchises, including Borderlands, Destiny, Apex Legends, League of Legends, FalloutTitanfall and UnchartedOn-camera, Fazal has appeared opposite Viola Davis in How to Get Away With Murder on ABC. Zehra also provides the voice of the ship computer in Lost in SpaceInstagram/Twitter: @ZehraFazal Website:

Ashley Riegle '07, Emmy Award Winning Producer. Ashley is currently producing for Nightline, GMA and 20/20 at ABC Network News based out of Los Angeles. She also works on documentaries and primetime specials available on ABC, A&E, Netflix and Hulu. Her passion is justice-oriented storytelling centered on women, minorities and the LGBTQ community. She's a proud alum of Wellesley College and USC Annenberg.



When: October 26th, 2 - 4 PM

Where: Lyric Hyperion Theater

2106 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Tickets: $15, click the link below

Non-Wellesley guests welcome.


Email with any issue buying tickets. 


*All proceeds benefit the WIE Screenwriting Competition for Wellesley Seniors.*