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Join the Board/Volunteer

Join the WCLA Board become a WCLA Volunteer!

Have ideas?!  Join us!  Nominations due by June 15, 2021

If you'd like to volunteer for the WCLA, including as an Event Host, please let us know by filling out this form.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS for academic year July 2021-June 2022

  • Nominations due by June 15, 2021; please email
  • The term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting (on June 23, 2021).  In general, board members shall serve two years; any vacancy in an elective office occuring between annual meetings may be filled for the remainder of the year by the president with the approval of the board of directors.
  • There are quarterly (4) board meetings throughout the year that board members are requested to attend.
  • There are also board calls between quarterly board meetings for board officers which board members are invited to join.

Co-President (to partner with Co-President already on the Board)

The co-presidents provide leadership to officers and members.

The co-president communicates with officers to ensure that they are meeting their responsibilities. The co-president also oversees the schedule of events and is empowered to appoint assistants for any and all projects.

  • Provides overall leadership and direction to the club organization;
  • Establishes short- and long- range objectives and goals in conjunction with the board of directors;
  • Coordinates club activities through the board of directors;
  • Presides at meetings of the club and its board of directors;
  • Structures the organization to ensure continuity by providing opportunities for new leadership to develop;
  • Exercises overall financial responsibility for the club; co-signs bank accounts with club treasurer;
  • Approves all club press releases, newsletters, electronic communications, and other publications;
  • Maintains contact on club activities with the Alumnae Office;
  • Submits annual reports of the club's activities to the Alumnae Office by mid-June or immediately following the annual meeting.


  • Handle and maintain records of club correspondence.
  • Maintain official records of meetings.
  • Informs officers of deadlines for reports, mailing and future correspondence.
  • Coordinate mailing of notices/newsletters to area alumnae.
  • Maintain a roster of officers and other board members with current address, telephone and email information.
  • Inform the Alumnae Office of plans and activities by forwarding copies of all newsletters and special reports

Membership Chair

  • Develops strategy to maintain or increase membership;
  • Is responsible for appointing and coordinating the work of one or more committees to welcome to the club’s area newly-arrived alumnae and to organize alumnae by class or decade or such other membership breakdown as the board may direct;
  • Prepares and publishes a new club directory when directed by the board;
  • May opt in to receiving quarterly change of address reports -- please contact the Alumnae Office.

Programming/Day-to-Make-A-Difference Chair

  • Develops an annual "Day to Make A Difference" event which offers Wellesley alums the chance to participate in service projects in the community.
  • Designs programs which appeal to the club diverse constituency and to plan the year's calendar of events;
  • Informs the Alumnae Office of plans and activities by forwarding copies of event attendance lists.

Photographer and Photo Curator (Communications Team)

  • Take photographs at WCLA events.
  • Curate photo albums on WCLA website.
  • Provide photos (from albums) for monthly e-newsletter.

Shared Identity Group Representatives:  Three (3) open positions

A Shared Identity Group (SIG) Representative's responsibilities include:

  • SIGs collaborate with the College to promote and celebrate diversity.
  • Fostering outreach to SIG constituents.
  • Partnering and communicating with SIG leaders.
  • Working with the president and program chair to incorporate the interest of area SIG alumnae.

1) Wellesley Jewish Alumnae (WJA) Representative

  • Sponsor programs such as Shabbat Across the Miles, during which alumnae in varoius cities will meet on the same night for Shabbat-related activities.
  • Reach out to Jewish students on campus through the College rabbi, Dean Bodian.

2) Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A) Representative

  • With almost 4,000 Asian-identifying alumnae under our umbrella, the purpose of W3A is to facilitate networking, mentoring, leadership, and career development opportunities targeted towards supporting our shared community.
  • Through the commitment of active alumnae and the efforts of the elected Governing Board, W3A has continued to build its organizational structure both nationally and internationally by partnering with local clubs and other SIGs since October 2013.

3) Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance (WAPA) Representative

  • WAPA is a shared interest group for LGBTQ+ Wellesley alums founded in 2017.  Our mission is to build a community with LGBTQ+ alums by providing opportunities to share experiences, support each other, and connect with current students. 

To find out more about volunteering and joining the WCLA Board, contact us at: