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Together for Wellesley: We need your support!

At a time when our students are being called on to employ every ounce of flexibility, creativity, and resilience they possess, a Wellesley Fund gift is a vote of confidence in both their individual success and the value of a Wellesley education. 


After consulting with other clubs around the country, the Board of the Wellesley Club of Los Angeles is planning to contribute a gift of $10 per paid member to the Wellesley Fund, "Together for Wellesley". Currently, we have 101 paid members and 20 lifetime members. Each additional member who joins the club by paying dues will be added to the participation numbers for the campaign as well as increasing our club's gift. 


You can click here to read updates on the Together for Wellesley campaign.


Please consider becoming a dues-paying club member here, by Sunday, June 28th if your name is not on the list at the end of this email. Club dues are critical in supporting events, the admissions programs, and club mailings. 


Aside from partnering with the WCLA to support the Wellesley Fund, you can directly make an immediate-impact gift (or refer a new donor to do so) with this gift link by June 30. 



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