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Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 2, 2:00-4:00 PM, Annual Meeting

The Wellesley Club of Minnesota warmly invites you and your partner/spouse/family member to join us at our Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 2nd from 2-4 PM CT.

Register Here:

RSVP requested by Thursday, 4/29.

We will begin with a lecture from Professor Marc J. Tetel, the Dorothy and Charles Jenkins Distinguished Chair in Science and Professor and Chair of Wellesley’s Neuroscience Department.

Food for thought: The Gut Microbiome-Brain Axis

The gut microbiome, the collection of bacteria and viruses in the gut and the chemicals they produce, is important in maintaining a healthy gut and immune system.  In addition, there is a gut microbiome-brain axis in which the gut and brain “talk” to each other.  Alterations in this gut microbiome-brain axis have been implicated in a variety of disorders, including anxiety and depression.  We will discuss this fascinating new frontier of the gut microbiome-brain axis, its impact on health and disease, and some recent studies from our lab.   

Professor Tetel will speak with us for about an hour, which will include time for questions.

We will then have a brief Annual Meeting during which time we will elect the new slate of officers (there is still time to volunteer and join the Board).  We will then conclude with an optional “Mix and Mingle” for those who would like to connect with other Minnesotan Wellesley women.

If you have any questions about our Annual Meeting, please reach out to Elizabeth Moe ’97 at or Co-Presidents Rebecca Hawthorne at or Jody Strakosch at