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Blue & Purple W’s go together in the Northwest


125th Anniversary

  Alumnae Stories



What do the blue and purple “W” have in common? Women who have studied at Wellesley College AND the University of Washington. This 125th Anniversary feature focus on local alumnae highlights a couple members of our sisterhood who attended both institutions and recently reconnected. Class of 1965 alumnae Marcia Joslyn Sill and Delight Carter Willing attended both “W” schools and live in the Seattle area.

In May 2017, Marcia and Delight met on Bainbridge Island and compared memories of a very stern Wellesley class dean and a miserable freshman year, although they enjoyed their roommates. Delight and her first-year roommate Elizabeth “Libba” Schoonmaker Pinchot, class of ‘65, lived in the Severance Hall Crow’s Nest with five other students. Delight transferred to the University of Washington in sophomore year and Libba left for Stanford senior year. The ladies did not see one another again until a chance encounter on Bainbridge Island where they were both living, in about 1994. Delight recalled, “We did some trips and hosted a reunion of Crow’s Nest friends at Libba’s home at that time”. Libba continues her educational pursuits and is currently doing dissertation research for a PhD.

Delight Carter Willing, class of ‘65, daughter of Cynthia Root Carter ’34, who passed away at age 103 in 2016. Delight graduated from Bellevue High School and enrolled at Wellesley with the class of 1965 before transferring to the University of Washington. Delight lived in Ottawa and Quebec, Canada, attended teacher’s college, and returned to Bellevue, Washington, eventually earning Master’s and Ed.D. degrees from Seattle University and serving as a professor there. From her doctoral studies in Educational Leadership Training, to her leadership at Seattle University, has been influential in helping women access continuing education, explore careers and reinvent themselves.

In their recent conversation, both Marcia and Delight emphasized the need to be of service to the community beyond their families in their retirement years. Their advice is to stay involved and engaged, choosing specific areas of interest. They remind us to make use of personal strengths in pursuing vocations and avocations, including following your passions into volunteering and creative hobbies.

Stay tuned for the next 125th Anniversary featurette!!









Pictured: Marcia Joslyn Sill '65, Delight Carter Willing '65