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This organization shall be known as the Washington Wellesley Club (the “Club”).



The Club’s mission is to strengthen Wellesley College (the “College”) by connecting alumnae to the College and to one another.



Any person upon whom the College has conferred a degree, any former or current student of the College, and any member of the faculty or administration of the College, past or present, is a member of the Club.

Only graduates of the College who are current in their payment of Club dues may vote on Club matters, run for or hold Club office or chair a Club committee (hereafter referred to as “Voting Members”).



Section 1:  THE BOARD. The Club shall be governed by a Board of Directors (the “Board”). The Board is empowered to act for the Club in all matters and shall act by a majority vote of those Board Officers (the “Officers”) present.

Section 2:  OFFICERS.  The Board shall have the following Permanent Offices:  President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President for Membership, Vice President for Fundraising, Vice President for Admissions, Vice President for Programs, Vice President for Shared Interest Group (SIG) Relations, and Vice President for Media. No more than two Members may hold each office, and the offices of President and Treasurer shall each be held by only one Member. The President may choose to nominate, and the Board may choose to elect, at its discretion and by a majority vote of the Permanent Officers, up to three Additional Officers who will serve as Committee Chairs. A description of each Office position follows:


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Club and shall preside at all regular Club meetings including the annual meeting. She shall be an ex officio member of all Club committees except the Nominating Committee. The President shall have the authority to establish ad hoc committees and to appoint their chairs.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and deposit of all funds paid into the Club and for all disbursements therefrom. The Treasurer shall prepare a review of the financial condition of the club which shall be presented to the Board within the first quarter of the fiscal year. At each Board meeting the Treasurer shall present a summary of all expenditures as well as the Club’s assets and liabilities.

The Secretary shall issue notices for all regular, annual and special meetings of the Club. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all such meetings, conduct the Club correspondence, and preserve the Club records. The Secretary will also keep record of attendance at Board meetings and notify President of attendance quarterly.

The Vice President for Membership shall be responsible for welcoming the area’s newly arrived alumnae as well as recognizing all new and renewing dues paying members. The Vice President for Membership will maintain accurate membership rolls and update the Board on membership numbers at each Board meeting.  Additionally the Vice President for Membership will review membership and dues policies and implement a membership drive annually.

The Vice President for Programs shall plan, publicize, and execute programs of general interest to the Club, and may appoint and coordinate the work of one or more committees to carry out programs.

The Vice President for Fundraising shall be responsible for developing new Club and fund-raising programs and for appointing and coordinating the work of one or more committees to carry out all existing Club fundraising activities.

The Vice President for Admissions shall be the primary liaison between the Club and the Board of Admissions. The Vice President for Admissions shall coordinate the alumnae interview and college fair program, as well as plan a Parent/Student Gathering, Admitted Student Event, and Summer Send- Off annually.

The Vice President for Shared Interest Group (SIG) Relations shall be responsible for liaising with all national and local shared interest groups. This may involve coordinating joint events and implementing marketing campaigns, and will involve building relationships between the Board, SIG leadership, and the Wellesley College Alumnae Association’s Assistant Director for Shared Interest Groups.

The Vice President for Media shall be responsible for collecting, writing, editing and disseminating to Club members news of the Club and College activities and other information deemed of interest and relevant to the Club membership.


Section 3:  BOARD VOTING. Each Officer shall have one vote on Board matters, even if they share a position. Permanent Officers and Additional Officers shall have equal voting rights. In order for a vote to occur, a quorum, defined as 2/3 of the Board members, must be present at the time of voting. Once a quorum is declared, a simple majority of those present wins the vote.

Section 4:  BOARD MEETINGS. Board meetings shall be held at least four times and up to 12 times a year. Meetings may be held in person or by telephone or other means. Notice of any meeting shall be given in advance in a form reasonably calculated to reach Officers in a timely manner. Officers are expected to attend at least 75% of all Board meetings. Any Officer who does not meet the minimum attendance requirement shall be subject to discipline, as outlined in Article VII. The Secretary will take attendance at all Board meetings.


The Annual Meeting shall be the last regular meeting of the fiscal year. It shall be announced three months in advance and may be attended by any Member or Officer or guest of the Club.


Section 1: CALL FOR CANDIDATES. Included in its announcement of the Annual Meeting, the Board shall call for candidates who wish to be elected to those Officer positions whose term will conclude at the end of the current fiscal year.


Section 2:  ELECTIONS.  Officers shall be elected by a majority vote at the annual meeting and the Director of Clubs in the Alumnae Office should be sent the names of the new officers by June 30 (or following annual meeting). A nominating committee of three appointed by the President and chaired by the Immediate Past President shall present a single slate.  At least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting the Board shall distribute to the Members the names and background of candidates for each Officer position that is up for election that year. If two candidates are running jointly to share an Officer position, then they will be presented as a team together. Further nominations not presented on the nominating committee’s slate may be included on the ballot if consent of the nominee is obtained and the candidate submits a statement of intent to the Chair of the Nominating Committee 30 days prior to the election. The vote shall be voice unless there is more than one candidate for an office, when the vote for that office shall be by ballot.


Section 3:  TERM OF OFFICE. Each Officer shall serve a term of two years and may not hold the same position on the Board for more than two consecutive terms. The term of office for all Officers shall begin at the close of the Annual Meeting, and the Board will seek to stagger the terms of Officers so that in no case will all officers vacate their positions at the same time in any given year. The terms of President, Secretary, Vice President for Media, Vice President for Programming, and two Additional Officers shall begin in the even-numbered years; the terms of Treasurer, Vice President for Shared Interest Group Relations, Vice President for Admissions, Vice President for Membership, Vice President for Fundraising, and one Additional Officer shall begin in the odd-numbered years. Any vacancy in an elective office occurring between the Annual Meetings may be filled for the remainder of the term at the discretion of and by the President, and be approved by a vote of the Board. The President may also choose to leave vacant any office in the event that the vacancy will not exceed six months until that office is newly elected at the Annual Meeting.



Section 1:  OBLIGATIONS OF CLUB OFFICERS. Club Officers are obligated, by virtue of their office, to support the Club’s mission as stated in Article II; to act in the best interests of the Club, its Members, and the College; and, to keep Club information confidential by using it only for Club business.


Section 2:  REMOVAL OF OFFICERS. Any Officer who has failed to comply with her obligations to the Club, including the attendance of meetings as outlined in Article IV, shall be subject to removal from the Board. Such a removal from the Board shall take place at the discretion and motion of the President, and be approved by a vote of the Board. If an Officer is removed, then a replacement Officer shall be appointed at the discretion of and by the President, and approved by a vote of the Board. When and if appointed, that person shall serve out the remainder of the original term of the replaced Officer. If the President elects to let the office remain vacant for the remainder of the removed Officer’s term, then at the end of such term a new Officer will be elected following the by-laws set forth in Article VI.



Section 1: PURPOSES. The Club is organized, and shall be operated, exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It shall not engage in any activities proscribed for an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2: EARNINGS.  All of the proceeds of Club events, and all Club revenues, shall be reserved for the benefit of the Club in support of its mission, as spelled out in Article II. No part of the earnings of the Club shall benefit any individual.

Section 3: DISPOSITION OF ASSETS. In the event that the Club is dissolved, all of its assets shall be distributed to the College.



Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any Member and filed with the Secretary. Such proposed amendments must be submitted at the next meeting of the Board, in a manner determined by the Board. The Board shall determine when to vote on the amendment. The Board may vote if there is a quorum as defined in Article IV Section 3. The amendments shall pass with a 2/3 majority affirmative vote. Amendments so approved will become effective immediately unless otherwise specifically provided.