This online Wellesley community is home to all the ways you can stay connected to alums near and far. Choose the groups you want to be part of, search for Wellesley friends, or find networking connections through the Hive. There are many ways to keep Wellesley in your life and we are happy you are here!

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Shared Identity Groups


Shared Identity Groups give alumnae the opportunity to connect with each other and the College based on their common inherent and intrinsic identities. Washington Wellesley Club also hosts several other groups. Read on to learn about these SIGs and groups!


Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent (WAAD, pronounced “Wade”)

The mission of WAAD is to build and strengthen the connection of alumnae of African descent to each other, to the College, and to current and prospective students. With members all over the world, WAAD supplements connections to classes and local clubs. Through local and national events, WAAD supports the recruitment of prospective students, provides ongoing support towards the retention of current students, and fosters a strengthened siblinghood post-graduation through alumnae events.
Past WAAD events in the Washington D.C. metro area include:
  • “WAAD Night at the Movies” featuring the movie “Hidden Figures”
  • Worldwide WAAD Day brunch
  • WAAD Summer Soirée
  • Co-sponsorship with Friends Of Art (FOA) for a tour of the Ebony Fashion Flair exhibit at GWU Textile Museum
WAAD National Initiatives include:
  • WAAD Night at the Movies
  • Worldwide WAAD Day/Month
  • WAAD Literary Circle
Contact person: Lauren Young ‘99, WAAD Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative
Twitter: @WellesleyWAAD

Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network (WLAN) 

WLAN strives to strengthen the connection of alumnae of Latino/Hispanic descent to each other, to the College, and to current as well as prospective students. WLAN compliments the missions of Wellesley College and the Wellesley College Alumnae Association (WCAA) through three strategic priorities: 
  1. Admission and recruitment
  2. Connecting to the College 
  3. Alumnae engagement
The Mid-Atlantic Representative is Alejandra Cuin '16. She can be reached at The current WLAN Officers can be found here

Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A)

The Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A) is a shared identity group founded to address the need for greater support of and networking among alumnae of Asian affinity. Given the increasingly large share that Asian students comprise of Wellesley’s student population and the strong cultural affinities that are created on campus through various organizations, the need for an extensive support structure to continue these networks for alumnae upon leaving Wellesley is essential. The primary purpose of W3A is to facilitate networking, mentoring, leadership, and career development opportunities for the Asian Alumnae community while preserving communication channels between Asian Alumnae and current and prospective students.
The Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance in DC and its surrounding areas (Maryland and Virginia) is a shared identity group founded to address the need for greater support and collaboration among alumnae of Asian affinity and our allies in the DC area. Our purpose is four-fold:
- Build an alliance between alumnae of Asian affinity, our allies, and current students
- Build and support an alliance across POC and minority communities
- Learn from each other and educate others
- Serve as a voice and representative of alumnae and students of Asian affinity to the college

Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance (WAPA)

WAPA’s mission is to build a community with LGBTQ+ alums by providing opportunities to share experiences, support each other, and connect with current students. WAPA was founded in 2017 after years of work by several dedicated alums. If you are interested in becoming a member, learning more about events, or simply want to learn more about WAPA in general, please sign up for our mailing list on our website:  You can email for more information on getting involved or with any questions.
WJA Logo

Washington Wellesley Jewish Alumnae

The Washington Wellesley Jewish Alumnae (WJA) is a shared identity group within the Washington Wellesley Club. The WJA welcomes all alumnae and their partners in the DC-metro area who are Jewish or want to affiliate with Judaism, regardless of religion or level of observance. The WJA is intended to be a support network for activities, holidays, life cycle events, and a forum for open discussion. We host holiday activities, welcome others to our holiday activities, and host discussions of interest to the Jewish community.
Other Washington Wellesley Club Groups: 

Wellesley Young Alums in DC     

The Young Alum group is always ready and excited to welcome young alums to the Nation's Capital. Whether you have lived here for years or are brand new to the area, consider this group your built-in network of friends. We gather regularly for events such as
  • Happy hours
  • Museum tours
  • Book club meetings
For purposes of event pricing (where applicable), "young alums" are those who have not yet celebrated their five-year reunion, though Young Alum Events are open to all Wellesley community members. Please contact our Young Alum Coordinator, Gabriella "Gabi" L. Vesey, at for more information about events, or to join our Facebook Group, Wellesley Young Alums in DC.


Wellesley Seasoned Alumnae (WSA)

The Wellesley Seasoned Alumnae is a local group that began to meet in 2017 and will be more fully implemented in 2018.  Alums who are at least 60 years old are welcome to join this exciting new group.  Activities such as museum tours and teas will be planned to be as close to where you live as possible, take place during the day, and involve carpooling as needed.  Hostesses and other leaders are needed.  Send your questions, suggestions, offers to assist, and interest to join to Jessica M. Lee ’88.
Telephone: 202-262-9129
Address:  Washington Wellesley Club PO Box 3535, Washington, DC, 20027