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From the President

From the President


Welcome to the Wellesley-in-Westchester Alumnae Club.  Our club is a community of Wellesley Alumnae and current students from Westchester County, NY who come together to make connections, network and develop lasting friendships.  We do this through small gatherings, social events and excursions, and social action activities.

We all had the benefit of attending one of the finest small liberal arts colleges in the world, but one of the things that makes Wellesley extra special is its network of alumnae.  When we come together as a community, we can achieve amazing things.  We are also there to support one another and to contribute to the world around us, to make it a better place for everyone.

As Co-Presidents of Wellesley-in-Westchester, and on behalf of the rest of our Board, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our local landing page.  Here you will find links to the College’s website, the Alumnae Association, information about upcoming activities, a list of governing board members, and an archive of past news and events, among other things.

If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to update your email address with the College so that you will receive notices of upcoming Wellesley-in-Westchester gatherings and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Please let us know by emailing if you are interested in volunteering with us or if you have ideas you would like to share.

We hope to see you at an event soon.

Lois Katz '62 and Audrey Prashker '80